Arbolia and the Municipality of Udine: an urban forest of over 1,300 trees was created thanks to the support of ICOP Società Benefit and DBA PRO.

Published on 12/16/21
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Udine, 16 December 2021 - Arbolia, a benefit company set up to develop new green areas in Italy, has created a new urban forest of over 1,300  trees in the municipality of Udine. This initiative was made possible thanks to the contribution of ICOP, a company operating in the building and special engineering works sector, and DBA PRO., an operating company of the DBA Group, which specialises in consulting, architecture, engineering, project management and ICT solutions.

The new green belt is located in the eastern outskirts of the municipality of Udine, in the area where Cascina Mauroner used to stand, in a residential context. A total of 1.360 plants of different tree species (field elm, English oak, Turkey oak, downy oak, hackberry, European ash, linden, field maple, sycamore maple, hornbeam, cherry, wild pear, hazelnut, willow, manna ash, holm oak) and shrubs (hawthorn, dogwood, black elder, viburnum lantana, privet, spindle tree, blackthorn, dog rose, European buckthorn).

When fully operational, the new green area will absorb up to 148 tonnes of CO2 over 20 years and up to 399 kg of PM10 per year. The initiative also includes maintenance of the new urban forest for the first two years and, in addition to improving the quality of air and life in the city, will help to mitigate the temperature during summer days. The project will immediately become an asset for the local community and it is essential that everyone takes care of it.

The urban forest was presented today by the Mayor of the City of Udine Pietro Fontanini, the Vice President of ICOP Società Benefit Piero Petrucco, and the founder and CEO of DBA PRO. Stefano De Bettin and by the Renovit and Arbolia Consultant Alessandro Vezzil.

"The season of cement pours and mega shopping centres for Udine is definitely over. The creation of this green lung provides a breath of fresh air for residents, both in terms of the environment and health and in terms of liveability. While thanking the project partners, I would like to point out that Udine continues to invest in green areas in other parts of the city, with another urban forest in the area of the former Piave barracks and with numerous plantings. Environment and innovation are the priority and indispensable guidelines for this administration, in line with the priorities indicated by Europe," said the Mayor of Udine Pietro Fontanini.

"We are very pleased that this initiative has been implemented, in line with ICOP's idea of business as a social actor. This project shows how environmental sustainability can not only mean reducing the polluting potential in our own operations and supply chain, but also maximizing the positive impact that a company and a supply chain can have by actively participating in the life of our community, “said Piero Petrucco CEO of ICOP Società Benefit.

"Our contribution to this project is a concrete gesture in the direction of sustainability in an area that is very precious to us: we start from the roots, and not only in a metaphorical sense. Our path as a company is now aimed at design that looks at energy saving, ecological transition and digitisation of processes and services to support the infrastructure life cycle, while safeguarding the environmental and human well-being. We believe this is the only possible and sustainable future," commented Stefano De Bettin, founder and CEO of DBA PRO.

"With this project, Arbolia is carrying out its first forestation project in Friuli Venezia Giulia, thanks to the synergic work with the Municipality of Udine and the contribution of two companies that are deeply rooted in the territory and very attentive to environmental sustainability issues. Arbolia continues to create new green areas throughout Italy, promoting opportunities for social and economic development for communities and territories," commented Alessandro Vezzil, Renovit and Arbolia Consultant.

With the Udine forest, Arbolia has created seven green belts in six Italian cities. In the next few months, the benefit company will develop initiatives in a further twenty Italian municipalities from the North to the South of the country.

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