Reach and certify your sustainability goals

with Arbolia

Arbolia for your company

Concrete solutions for a greener business.

Each company has its own needs. For this reason, we have built a system of single services and modular packages to respond flexibly to your needs.

Here are the services that we offer:

Consulting services

CO2 assessment & intervention

Make your company greener and certify your results

We offer you an analysis of the environmental impact of your business, a defined path to decarbonization and energy efficiency and the ability to certify your results.

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  • Analysis of current emissions
  • Emission reduction programs
  • Sustainability reports
  • Soft financing programs
  • Issue of certifications

Green Action

Compensate the environmental impact of your company

We offer you reasoned projects for the purchase and planting of trees and the creation of green areas and activities that can make your bond with the territory even stronger.

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Adopt a tree

  • Purchase or adoption of trees to offset environmental impact
  • Possibility of using the green areas as gifts to employees or to promote virtuous behaviour

Promote green

  • Association of the purchase of a product or service with the planting of new trees
  • Through these actions, the company has the opportunity to communicate its commitment to environmental issues

Location Based Project

Become a partner in the redevelopment of urban and peri-urban spaces.

You can finance your green area, name it with your company name and decide how to use it to restore value for your employees and the community.

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Why choose Arbolia?

To strengthen your bond with the territory

You can make your commitment known in a local and concrete perspective.


To value biodiversity

You can choose customized projects for your area with the intention of safeguarding the public green.


To become certified

Your commitment will be officially recognized by certifications.

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