Arbolia and Municipality of Ladispoli: an urban forest of 3,000 plants has been created

Published on 03/17/22
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Ladispoli (Rome), 17 March 2022 - Arbolia, a benefit company born to develop new green areas in Italy, has created a new urban forest of 3,000 plants in the Municipality of Ladispoli (Rome). The initiative was made possible thanks to the contribution of Accenture and Reply.

The new green belt is located in the Cerreto district, south-east of the town centre, along the banks of the river Fosso Sanguinara. The proximity to a freshwater stream, among the ecosystem benefits of the new forest, will allow to develop an important ecological niche for local fauna and birds.

A total of 3,000 plants of different native tree species (oak, holm oak, orniello, maple and cherry) and shrub (hawthorn, myrtle, alaterno lentisco and evergreen rose), all with a nursery passport, were planted in the identified area. When fully operational, the new urban forest will absorb up to 314 tons of CO2 in 20 years and up to 2,317 kg of PM10 per year.

The initiative also includes maintenance of the new green area for the first two years by Arbolia and subsequently by the municipality. The project will immediately become an asset for the local community and it is essential that everyone takes care of it.

The new forest is being presented today, Thursday 17 February, in the presence of the Mayor of Ladispoli Alessandro Grando and the Agronomist Consultant of Arbolia Giulio Senni.

"On behalf of the City of Ladispoli – comments the Mayor Alessandro Grando - I thank Arbolia and its partners for making this important project possible. As a city, we have a duty to look to the future from the perspective of environmental sustainability, a theme that is more relevant than ever in this historic moment. A special thanks also to the Councillor Dr. Filippo Moretti, the Councillor for Public Works Arch. Veronica De Santis and the technicians who followed the procedure in person."

"With this project Arbolia realizes its second forestry initiative in Lazio, thanks to the synergistic work with the Municipality of Ladispoli and the contribution of two large companies committed to environmental sustainability. Arbolia will develop other initiatives in the Region and throughout Italy, continuing to promote opportunities for social and economic development for communities and territories", commented Giulio Senni, Agronomist Consultant of Arbolia.

The Ladispoli forest brings to nineteen the number of green belts created by Arbolia in Italy

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