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We believe in the strength of collaboration and concrete actions.

Through our shared services and interventions we want to contribute to the beauty and environmental sustainability of our country, also creating social and economic development.

Our goals

Our woods in Italy

We will plant more than one hundred species of trees throughout Italy, with particular attention to the respect of the biodiversity. The forest is a real self-healing cycle that involves flora and fauna: trees release oxygen and water vapor that return to the ground with the rain, which in turn nourishes the animals and plants, which continue to grow and feed this cycle.
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The layers of a forest
04. The air and the sun
03. The canopy
02. The trunk and the undergrowth
01. The roots and the soil
04. The air and the sun
Through photosynthesis, the tree transforms carbon dioxide into nutrients by converting sunlight, releasing oxygen into the environment and clean air for all of us. Furthermore, thanks to the evapotranspiration of water through the stomata of the leaves, it contributes to the mitigation of heat.
03. The canopy
The canopy is composed of branches, leaves, flowers, buds and fruits that provide shade, protection and nourishment to living beings, the soil and the vegetation below.
02. The trunk and the undergrowth
The trunk supports the branches and acts as a conduit for nutrients, distributing them throughout the plant. At this average height, the so-called “undergrowth” also develops in the wood, a variegated set of mushrooms, mosses, lichens, herbs and above all shrubs that offer shelter and nourishment for fauna, insects and invertebrates.
01. The roots and the soil
A tree uses its roots to do more than just absorb nutrients from the ground. The roots make the soil more stable and can reduce landslides, avalanches and erosion. The roots also make the soil more fertile, rich in organic matter and water, laying the foundations for the development of life.
The fight against climate change is the key challenge
of contemporary society.

Planting new trees and managing those already alive can really make a difference, due to the fact that the absorption of carbon dioxide helps mitigate the negative effects of climate change.


Arbolia's solutions contribute to achieving some important Sustainable Development Goals recognized by the UN 2030 Agenda. In particular: goal 13, linked to climate protection; goal 15, linked to the restoration of the terrestrial ecosystem; and goal 11, to make our cities more liveable and sustainable.

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