Arbolia and the Municipality of Poirino (TO): a new urban forest with 2,000 trees created

Published on 04/13/23
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Poirino (Turin), 13th April 2023 - Arbolia, Snam's benefit company set up to develop new green areas in Italy, has created a new urban forest comprising 2,000 trees in the municipality of Poirino, in the Turin metropolitan area. The initiative was made possible thanks to the support of Renovit, an Italian energy efficiency platform, Accenture, a world-leading professional services company that combines technology and human ingenuity, IRIDEOS, an Italian ICT company dedicated to businesses and the public administration, and Palazzi Agency, a company specialising in the creation and production of events.

The new green belt is located to the north of the city, between the ring road and the built-up area, within a context characterised mainly by agricultural crops and fields for hay production, not far from the Banna stream. There is also a fenced dog area near the new urban forest.

A total of 2,000 plants from different tree species (English oak, white poplar, field maple, manna ash, hornbeam, white mulberry) and shrubs (hazelnut, priest's cap, dogwood, hawthorn, privet, viburnum lantana) were planted in the area, all of which are native to Italy and came from Italian nurseries and were provided with plant passports. In this way, the possibility of genetic contamination with plants from other countries is minimised, preserving and increasing the biodiversity of Italy's forest heritage.

When fully operational, the new urban forest will absorb up to 319 tonnes of CO2 in 20 years and up to 226 kg of PM10 per year, returning up to 233 tonnes of oxygen to the environment in 20 years and improving the quality of air and life for the local community. The initiative also includes maintenance of the area for the first two years. The project will immediately become an asset for the local community and it is essential that everyone takes care of it.

The urban forest was presented today by Mayor Angelita Mollo and Councillor Marco Sisca of the Municipality of Poirino, together with Arbolia's Head of Operations, Marketing & Sales Dario Manigrasso.

Mayor Angelita Mollo and Public Works Councillor Marco Sisca: “Significant works have taken place in our area thanks to Arbolia and the partners who participated in the project. In the urban forest in Via Risorgimento in Poirino, 2,000 plants were planted on a municipal area spanning 2 hectares. The new green belt will allow carbon dioxide to be absorbed and oxygen to be returned to the environment through the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis which is typical of plants. The presence of trees and wooded areas like this in the local community can help improve the quality of air and life and reduce noise and heat pollution, creating green oases and improving people's psycho-physical well-being, as well as combating climate change and protecting the environment and biodiversity.”

Caterina Dentoni Litta, Head of Sustainability & Innovation at Renovit: “The Poirino forest is the third urban forestation project that Renovit is implementing alongside Arbolia and confirms our commitment to decarbonisation and improving the country's quality of life. As a B Corp certified company, Renovit works daily to maximise its positive impact on the environment, people and communities in which it operates. Work like this demonstrates our solid contribution to combating climate change, making cities more liveable and resilient.”

Federico Protto, CEO of IRIDEOS: “Our commitment stems from an awareness of the strong link between sustainability and digital technologies, which form the pillars of our business: broadband, the cloud, data centres and cybersecurity. This sensitivity is even greater today if we consider our role with the Retelit Group, which positions us as the leading B2B operator in the telecommunications sector in Italy. This is why we have embraced Arbolia's project, which allows us to give a further tangible sign of our commitment to a more sustainable and green future, consistent with the principles and initiatives with which we conduct our daily business, and in tune with our shareholder, the Asterion fund, which has always been attentive to ESG issues. Our commitment starts by improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of our infrastructures and locations, and encompasses all areas of the company’s environmental, social and governance sustainability.”

“At Palazzi Agency, we place increasing importance on the concept of sustainability for the planet, as well as the impact our business has on the environment. We decided to embrace the Arbolia planting project as it represents a first big step for us, taking an active role in defending and protecting the environment and an activity that sees us merely at the beginning of our eco-sustainable growth path.”

Matteo Tanteri, CEO of Arbolia, said: “With the Poirino forest, we are implementing our second urban forestation project in Piedmont. At Arbolia, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration and shared actions. Thanks to the synergies activated with local institutions and the support of companies attentive to environmental sustainability, we have enriched the local area with a new forest, contributing to the beauty and environmental protection of our country.”

As of today, Arbolia has created 31 urban forests in 24 municipalities spread across Italy with a total of more than 70,000 planted trees.

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