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We create forests to improve ecosystems,

promote biodiversity and make cities more resilient.

Arbolia: let's give roots to the future.


Arbolia is a benefit company of the Snam Group, created to develop new green areas in Italy.

Our mission is to contribute to the fight against climate change, to improve air quality and to create opportunities for social and economic development for Italian cities and territories.

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Are you a company?

Reach your sustainability goals: we offer you analysis services and solutions to reduce your environmental impact.


Are you a citizen?

Make an impactful statement: soon you will be able to plant or gift trees on the national territory, take care of them and follow their growth.


Are you an institution?

We work with you for the good of your territory: we will help you to make urban and peri-urban spaces greener.


We believe in the strength of collaboration and concrete actions.

Through our shared services and interventions we want to contribute to the beauty and environmental sustainability of our country, also creating social and economic development.

Latest projects

Our goals

The fight against climate change is the key challenge
of contemporary society.

Planting new trees and managing those already alive can really make a difference, due to the fact that the absorption of carbon dioxide helps mitigate the negative effects of climate change.


Arbolia's solutions contribute to achieving some important Sustainable Development Goals recognized by the UN 2030 Agenda. In particular: goal 13, linked to climate protection; goal 15, linked to the restoration of the terrestrial ecosystem; and goal 11, to make our cities more liveable and sustainable.


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